Speaker List

Below are SEISMIC speakers who are available to present on their specified topics during the listed terms. Please reach out to them directly if you would like to invite them to speak at your event.

Abdi Warfa


University of Minnesota

Topics: Faculty and the systems in which they work to better understand how they can be trained and supported to use inclusive and evidence-based teaching strategies. Studies in my group particularly examine classroom discourse, dynamics, and overall interactions. We take interdisciplinary perspective on discipline-based education research. More details.

Availability: Fall 2021, After Fall 2021

Becky Matz


University of Michigan

Topics: Gendered performance differences, cross-institutional studies, scientific practices. More details.

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, After Fall 2021

John Burkhardt


University of Michigan

Topics: Educational policy research (focused on the health professions) aimed to increase fairness, equity, and ultimately address health care disparities. This could include discussion around recruitment, admissions, selection of residents, curriculum, learner assessment, program evaluation, bias training and mitigation, and translational education research. More details.

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2021, Fall 2021, After Fall 2021

Katey Cooper


Arizona State University

Topics: How biology learning environments, such as undergraduate research experiences and active learning classrooms, affect student anxiety and depression. More details.

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, After Fall 2021

Linda Adler-Kassner


University of California Santa Barbara

Topics: Putting equity into action through pedagogy; identifying and scaffolding disciplinary knowledge; writing and learning; metacognition (in the context of STEM/learning).  More details.

Availability: Summer 2021

Omid Fotuhi


University of Pittsburgh


  • The psychology of student success: understanding the forces that shape the attributions that students make in moments of difficulty, which in turn determine whether they choose to stay engaged or disengage from their academic experiences.
  • Belonging in College: an exploration of the meaning of belonging, its impact in higher education and an overview of proven interventions and practical strategies that help to boost students’ sense of belonging
  • How to Talk about Race: an overview of core themes related to bias, structural inequities, and race-based dialogue.
  • Messaging for Student Success: an investigation of the contextual cues (sometimes explicit, but often implicit) that impact student success outcomes. We explore proven strategies to improve institutional messaging (e.g., revising the probation letter), faculty feedback, syllabus design, and physical space design.

 More details

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2023, Summer 2023

Sara Brownell


Arizona State University

Topics: Course-based undergraduate research experiences, how to make active learning more inclusive, research on students with disabilities in undergraduate science courses, how to make evolution more inclusive for religious students. More details.

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, After Fall 2021