SEISMIC Central’s purpose is to support the various structures, projects, and members within SEISMIC in achieving their goals and plans for each academic year. By focusing SEISMIC Central’s efforts on a few key deliverables each year –  especially in relation to goals sought out by Working Groups –  the collaboration hopes to pursue and fulfill its mission in alignment with the propositions outlined in our grants.


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Progress: 2021-2022 Deliverables 

SEISMIC Central met with each set of Working Group co-chairs in Summer 2021 to understand their goals for the year, barriers to success, and ideas for how SEISMIC Central could support their efforts. SEISMIC Central then reviewed the original SEISMIC proposal to determine what outstanding goals remain from the grant. This document combines the interests of the Working Groups and the goals of the grant to lay out activities for SEISMIC Central for the upcoming year.

SEISMIC Central will accelerate Working Group efforts by accomplishing the following deliverables by July 2022.

Deliverable 1

Publicize a preliminary set of classroom “equity measures” accompanied by explanations of the measures and examples from parallel institutional analyses.

Deliverable 2

Arrange a Measurement Fellows Showcase event in Fall 2021 and a Measurement Fellows Panel event in early 2022.

Deliverable 3

Set up an explicit mechanism for inviting collaborators across Working Groups to join projects.

Deliverable 4

Hire at least two Research Coordinators to run coordinated experiments across SEISMIC.

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Deliverable 5

Expand member webpage for Experiments Working Group to be central source of information for active members in the group.


Deliverable 6

Fund and support new members in the Implementing Change Working Group who can work with existing members and coordinate the projects. 


Deliverable 7

Establish clear expectations for membership in each Working Group.


Deliverable 8

Share resources to make grant-writing easier in SEISMIC.


Deliverable 9

Publicize information on how SEISMIC is setting a new standard for equity in STEM courses.


Ask SEISMIC Central…

Here are some ways SEISMIC Central can support you! 


  • Scheduling and creating Zoom links
  • Attend to take notes, help facilitate, just be present
  • Send prep or follow-up emails


  • Help onboard new members
  • Facilitate process to become external participant
  • Facilitate process to hire undergraduates or pay stipends for SEISMIC


  • Create flyers / advertisements, post on website, and advertise
  • Set up Zoom links / rooms / polls
  • Evaluations (in collaboration with SEISMIC Evaluation Team)


  • Develop progress reports and visuals


  • Send info/requests to specific groups in collaboration
  • Include info in monthly newsletters
  • Write up collaboration information to clarify situations/expectations