Who We Are


The University of California Irvine is one of the 10 public research universities in the United States that partners with SEISMIC.  

When joining the SEISMIC Collaboration, each SEISMIC Institution committed to

  • Bringing together a local community of education researchers and practitioners motivated to explore and improve equity and inclusion in foundational STEM courses, led by an institutional PI and supported by an administrative patron.
  • Hosting 6 or more SEISMIC-related speakers on their campus each year, as part of our Speaker Exchange Program. 
  • Getting research access to student data so their institution can participate in our parallel data analysis. Note, we do not share institutional data across SEISMIC, we share code to run parallel analyses and then share results across SEISMIC.
  • Connecting their existing STEM reform efforts to the larger SEISMIC project. It is hoped that these connections will both support and enhance local reform projects.
  • Paying the travel costs for four local team members to attend our annual collaboration meetings.





Join Our Team!

details below

If you are currently affiliated with UC Irvine– as a faculty and/or student member– please reach out to your colleagues below for more information regarding how to join. 





Our Week Of SEISMIC!


Since Spring of 2022, SEISMIC has hosted several local, in-person SEISMIC events on each SEISMIC campus.  UC Irvine’s Week of SEISMIC was held on March 14-16, 2022. 





Upcoming Events 


UC Irvine hosts many seminars, talks, and events in general related to the work of SEISMIC. These opportunities are often highlight in the monthly newsletters that are sent to SEISMIC members. The link below gives you a detailed list of all opportunities available to members and non-members. 



Below you will find members of SEISMIC leadership that are UC Irvine faculty and/or staff. Working Group members can use the Participants Database (password-protected) to find more members. 

Brian Sato 

Local SEISMIC PI for UC Irvine


Sabrina Solanki

Collaboration Council (CoCo)- SEISMIC West Representative | Theme Director


Kameryn Denaro

Measurement Working Group


Karen Vega Vega

SEISMIC Scholars Program Assistant; Experiments Working Group 


SEISMIC Voices- UC Irvine 

Read the full statements here.  



Angela Torres

Undergraduate student studying pharmaceutical science

“The SEISMIC Scholars program emphasized a variety of essential research skills that developed my confidence to perform my own research. My project focused on qualitative research, and I had the opportunity to train hands-on in data coding and literature reviews…”


Kameryn Denaro 

Research Specialist | Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation

“It is well established that there is a national problem surrounding the equitable participation in and completion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) higher education programs. It is unclear though how pervasive these issues are within an institution, from the individual instructor, course, and discipline perspectives as well as what those intra-institutional patterns are across institutions…”


Lauren Snow

PhD Student

With the SEISMIC Measurement Fellowship, my informal meetings with members of the Education Research Initiative and the learning analytics team at UCI are evolving into formal guidance and collaboration…”


Sabrina Solanki

Academic Administrator | UCI Collaboratory for Data Analytics for Student Success 

I was drawn to participate in the SEISMIC collaboration because of its potential to bring about widespread change in STEM education and improve the student experience in those critical foundational STEM courses…” 


Adrienne Williams 

Director | Teaching and Learning Research Center

I direct the Teaching and Learning Research Center at UCI, and we provide data and research expertise to faculty who want to publish their teaching research projects. Because we have direct access to institutional data and expertise in computational statistics, we are able to look at campuswide trends in student success in STEM…”


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