2022-2023 Events

Please see below for our schedule of events for 2022-2023. These events include talks organized by SEISMIC and SEISMIC institutions, as well as events SEISMIC is co-sponsoring, and are open to anyone interested to attend. For more information, please contact our Speaker Events Bureau at  seismic.speakers.bureau@umich.edu  


Dec. 12

1 pm – 2 pm EST



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AIM Research – Equity in Assessment for Large Undergraduate Courses

Speaker: Montserrat B. Valdivia Medinaceli, Graduate Research Assistant, Indiana University Bloomington

In this presentation, I aim to showcase the importance of using item bias detection methods to improve equity in assessment. Large undergraduate S.T.E.M. and Business courses use assessments as an indicator of progress and achievement, and assessments tend to be highly weighted in the course’s final grade. Therefore, the implications of the results of these assessments are highly impactful on students’ progress and perception of ability, particularly when students belong to minoritized groups. I will present the results of applying various differential item functioning statistics to compare more- and less-privileged groups in a course final exam at a Midwest four-year university. I hope the results of this analysis help initiate a conversation about fairness in assessment in large undergraduate courses.

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Fall 2022 – Winter 2023

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The Weeks of SEISMIC continue into the Fall and Winter at more of our institutions! In the Fall, SEISMIC will be visiting University of Minnesota, Indiana University, and Arizona State University. In the Winter, SEISMIC will be visiting University of Pittsburgh and University of California Davis. Read more about the Weeks of SEISMIC on our webpage!


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