Collaboration Council (CoCo)

The purpose of the Collaboration Council (CoCo) is to uphold the SEISMIC Principles of Operation, promote communication and coordination across the Working Groups, provide accountability for the Working Groups, and ensure appropriate connections are being made to SEISMIC campus teams. The Collaboration Council (CoCo) has one representative from each Working Group and two SEISMIC members at-large to represent institutional interests, for a total of 6 members. This Council guides the activities of the collaboration. Check out our CoCo page for more info!


Madeleine Gonin

SEISMIC East Representative

Indiana University



Eduardo (Lalo) Gonzalez

Experiments Working Group Representative

University of California Santa Barbara


Emily Bonem

Implementing Change Working Group Representative

Purdue University



Ashley Atkinson

Constructs Working Group Representative

University of Michigan


Sabrina Solanki

SEISMIC West Representative

University of California Irvine


Sarah Castle

Measurement Working Group Representative

Michigan State University


Working Group Co-Chairs

The Working Group Co-Chairs are responsible for coordinating the efforts and projects of their respective Working Groups (WGs). This involves leading WG meetings, identifying grant opportunities, updating the collaboration on the WG’s activities, and supporting SEISMIC participants in engaging with the WGs.


Stefano Fiorini

Measurement Working Group



Becky Matz

Measurement Working Group



Mike Wilton

Experiments Working Group



Vanessa Woods

Experiments Working Group



Martha Oakley

Implementing Change Working Group



Marco Molinaro

Implementing Change Working Group




Nikeetha Farfan D’Souza

Constructs Working Group



Natasha Turman

Constructs Working Group


Theme Leaders

The Theme Leaders are responsible for delivering the appropriate deliverables for each Theme, which are based on the core questions for each Theme.

This could involve developing a set of recommendations, running workshops for the collaboration, publishing papers on their findings, or other activities. 




Sabrina Solanki

Theme Director



Anna James

Theme Fellow


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of eight nationally recognized experts in equity and inclusion in STEM who are not already involved in SEISMIC. This group of experts provides project leadership with important feedback as details of equity measures and plans for coordinated experiments emerge. The Advisory Council also helps to represent SEISMIC to the larger higher education community.


Valerie Otero

University of Colorado Boulder


Ramón Barthelemy

University of Utah


Nancy Boyer



Noah Finkelstein

University of Colorado Boulder


Emily R. Miller

Association of American Universities (AAU)