Omid Fotuhi

University of Pittsburgh


  • The psychology of student success: understanding the forces that shape the attributions that students make in moments of difficulty, which in turn determine whether they choose to stay engaged or disengage from their academic experiences.
  • Belonging in College: an exploration of the meaning of belonging, its impact in higher education and an overview of proven interventions and practical strategies that help to boost students’ sense of belonging
  • How to Talk about Race: an overview of core themes related to bias, structural inequities, and race-based dialogue.
  • Messaging for Student Success: an investigation of the contextual cues (sometimes explicit, but often implicit) that impact student success outcomes. We explore proven strategies to improve institutional messaging (e.g., revising the probation letter), faculty feedback, syllabus design, and physical space design.

Availability: Winter/ Spring 2023, Summer 2023



Dr. Fotuhi is a Director of Learning & Innovation at WGU Labs. His work focuses on the psychology of performance and motivation in competitive domains. Dr. Fotuhi earned his PhD in psychology from the University of Waterloo, after which he worked at Stanford University where he co-founded the College Transition Collaborative. Dr. Fotuhi is a skilled trainer, having led over 145 professional development workshops, keynotes, and invited presentations across the United States to help students, faculty, leaders, athletes, and corporations better understand the psychology of success, and equip those groups with the tools they need to perform at their full potential.

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