This page is all about our Collaboration Council (aka the CoCo)! The purpose of the Collaboration Council (CoCo) is to uphold the SEISMIC Principles of Operation, promote communication and coordination across the Working Groups, provide accountability for the Working Groups, and ensure appropriate connections are being made to SEISMIC campus teams. The Collaboration Council (CoCo) has one representative from each Working Group and two SEISMIC members at-large to represent institutional interests, for a total of 6 members. This Council guides the activities of the collaboration. 

To read more about the structure and formation, visit our Equity and Transparency page!

CoCo Members





Abdi Warfa


SEISMIC East Representative

University of Minnesota


Eduardo (Lalo) Gonzalez


Experiments Working Group Representative

UC Santa Barbara


Emily Bonem


Implementing Change Working Group Representative

Purdue University







Nikeetha Farfan D’Souza


Constructs Working Group Representative

Indiana University


Sabrina Solanki


SEISMIC West Representative

University of California Irvine


Sarah Castle


Measurement Working Group Representative

Michigan State University



Backlog of CoCo Updates


January 2023

CoCo’s Summary from January 2023 Meeting:
  1. Discussed upcoming tasks for SEISMIC Summer Meeting, available budget, and brainstormed ideas for contributed presentations and workshops.
  2. Checked for new submissions for the grievance form and new institutions form and any requests for letter for support for grants.
  3. Reviewed available Working Group funds and made plan to connect with Working Groups who still have funds.


December 2022

CoCo’s Summary from December 2022 Meeting:
  1. We thoroughly discussed and finalized a process for addressing grievances.
  2. We finalized a process to write a summary of the CoCo meetings to share with the collaboration to hold the CoCo accountable to the collaboration.
  3. Our next meeting will take place in January. Specific date TBD


September 2022

SEISMIC is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community where everyone can thrive and do their best work (see SEISMIC’s task force definitions for DEI as guide). In response to member feedback, the SEISMIC Collaboration Council (CoCo) has developed a reporting system for individuals to safely report negative interactions or incidents within the collaboration that can be addressed in order to create this welcoming space.

The CoCo hopes in creating this system to provide space and resources to support impacted parties, redress the harmful situation, promote education and dialogue, and affirm the collaboration’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Click here to view the reporting system.

Previous CoCo Members



Sara Brownell

Arizona State University


Dennis Groth

Indiana University


Becky Matz

Michigan State University


Ryan Sweeder

Michigan State University


Chantal Levesque-Bristol

Purdue University


Marco Molinaro

UC Davis



Brian Sato

UC Irvine


Linda Adler-Kassner

UC Santa Barbara


Tim McKay

University of Michigan



Sehoya Cotner

University of Minnesota



Chandralekha Singh

University of Pittsburgh


Martha Oakley

Indiana University



Michael Dennin

UC Irvine


Margarita Safronova

UC Santa Barbara