Who We Are


Michigan State University is one of the 10 public research universities in the United States that partners with SEISMIC.  

When joining the SEISMIC Collaboration, each SEISMIC Institution committed to

  • Bringing together a local community of education researchers and practitioners motivated to explore and improve equity and inclusion in foundational STEM courses, led by an institutional PI and supported by an administrative patron.
  • Hosting 6 or more SEISMIC-related speakers on their campus each year, as part of our Speaker Exchange Program. 
  • Getting research access to student data so their institution can participate in our parallel data analysis. Note, we do not share institutional data across SEISMIC, we share code to run parallel analyses and then share results across SEISMIC.
  • Connecting their existing STEM reform efforts to the larger SEISMIC project. It is hoped that these connections will both support and enhance local reform projects.
  • Paying the travel costs for four local team members to attend our annual collaboration meetings.





Join Our Team!

Details below

If you are currently affiliated with Michigan State University- as a faculty and/or student member– please reach out to your colleagues listed below for more information regarding how to join. 





Our Week Of SEISMIC!


Since Spring of 2022, SEISMIC has hosted several local, in-person SEISMIC events on each SEISMIC campus. Michigan State University’s Week of SEISMIC was May 16-19, 2022. 





Upcoming Events 


Michigan State University hosts many seminars, talks, and events in general related to the work of SEISMIC. These opportunities are often highlight in the monthly newsletters that are sent to SEISMIC members. The link below gives you a detailed list of all opportunities available to members and non-members. 



Below you will find members of SEISMIC leadership that are Michigan State University faculty and/or staff. Working Group members can use the Participants Database (password-protected) to find more members. 

Ryan Sweeder



Sarah Castle

Collaboration Council (CoCo)- Measurement Working Group Representative


Alexandra (Al) Lee 

Experiments Working Group 


SEISMIC Voices- Michigan State University 

Read the full statements here.  



William Bork 

Ph.D. Student | Educational Psychology and Educational Technology

“For general communication, I’ve been using a mix of Slack and Keybase for chatting plus Zoom and BlueJeans for video conferences. I’ve been using these tools for a while now so the transition to fully remote work was rather seamless…”


Sarah Castle

Ph.D. Student | Program in Mathematics Education

“What resonated with me was the conversations about race, specifically the pre-meeting work surrounding #BlackintheIvory. Sometimes I think that within academia, there can be an idea that there is insulation against ‘worldly problems’ and that academia sometimes can sit within a bubble – and not only is this not the case but it highlights privilege and does not allow space for voices to contradict this…”


Alexandra Lee

Ph.D. candidate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology 

“Picture this: you are sitting in a large lecture hall for a course you must pass to graduate in your major when you realize you aren’t quite grasping a new concept the professor presented and need to ask a question. You look around at the other students and it seems like they are following along with no problem, and you don’t want to look like you know less than them, so you don’t ask your question.…” 





Ashley Atkinson 

Program Assistant 

“The great thing about being a program assistant is that I get to wear many hats – I help people throughout the collaboration with a variety of different tasks and get to peek into what their world is like…”


Michigan State University in the Spotlight 


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