SEISMIC Central met with each set of Working Group co-chairs in the Summer of 2021 to understand their goals for the year, barriers to success, and ideas for how SEISMIC Central could support their efforts. SEISMIC Central then reviewed the original SEISMIC proposal to determine what outstanding goals remain from the grant.

One priority of SEISMIC Central was to consolidate information, resources, and advice to make grant-writing easier in SEISMIC. Thus, SEISMIC Central intends for this page to serve as an information hub for all things related to grant-writing. 

The categories listed below are 5 major themes that SEISMIC Central’s Grant-Writing Playbook will encompass. Please explore each theme and page according to your needed area of support. 


*Given that the Grant-Wriing Playbook is meant to be a resource for current SEISMIC members, please note that each page is password-protected. 

Since SEISMIC’s original proposal in 2018, SEISMIC and its participants have submitted many grants. Given the success rate of grants within and outside of SEISMIC, as shown above, some of the best resources for help with grant-writing are the very people within our collaboration. 

While writing a grant can sometimes feel like an arduous, overwhelming task, many SEISMIC institutions have offices and resources to help out with grant-writing. SEISMIC Central hopes that its participants can use this playbook as a stepping stone and resource to either start or continue grant-writing! 



5 Major Themes



1. Getting Started

Writing your first proposal? Get started with a writing outline that guides you through the entire process.  


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2. Administrative Shell Documents

Templates that outline:

  • Budgets, facilities, current and pending, collaborators and other affiliates.


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3. SEISMIC Specific 

Learn how to talk about SEISMIC in your proposal. 


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4. Collaboration 

Learn how to collaborate on a proposal with multiple institutions. 


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5. Mechanics 

Helpful tips regarding grammar, style, tips for formatting, etc. 


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Grants within SEISMIC












Since 2020, SEISMIC and its participants have been awarded over $6.5 million dollars in grants. 

10 SEISMIC Institutions

Several SEISMIC institutions have written several grant proposals over the course of 5 years. 

Fun fact: The University of Michigan is the lead institution for over 6 approved grant proposals! 








Several SEISMIC members have either contributed to a grant proposal or created their own. SEISMIC holds a great network of collaborators with varying experiences of grant-writing. 



Many of the ideas presented in the Grant-Writing Playbook are thanks to the experience, advice, and tips from Becky Matz and Nita Tarchinski. 

For specific questions, please feel free to reach out to either member. 


Becky Matz (

Measurement Working Group Co-Chair 

Nita Tarchinski ( 

SEISMIC Project Manager