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In these pages we share resources for SEISMIC and non-SEISMIC members. We are in the process of adding content. Thank you for your patience.

Antiracism Statement

SEISMIC Statement on White Supremacist Violence and Anti-Blackness in the United States.

Antiracism Statement


Community Guidelines

Before participating in a SEISMIC meeting or event, please review our community guidelines below, inspired by the Center for Research, Learning, and Teaching and the Foundational Course Initiative at the University of Michigan, and 500 Women Scientists.

Community Interactions in General

  1. Make space, take space, and recognize the limited time we have together
  2. Listen actively and respectfully, without interrupting
  3. Critique ideas, not individuals
  4. Acknowledge impact of words and ideas shared by others and yourself
  5. Avoid assumptions about your fellow participants or generalizations about social groups


Participating in Virtual Meetings

  • Please be aware that some of our group meetings are set to auto-record; there will be a notification that recording is on. These recordings are typically only shared with Working Group members. Webinar recordings of Q&A sessions with presenters may be shared publicly.
  • We discourage participants from taking screenshots of our virtual meetings and sharing publicly (e.g. Twitter) in order to respect the privacy of our participants’ spaces.
  • Please mute your audio when not speaking.
  • Use the chat feature to raise questions, make points, and communicate needs. Facilitators will use the chat to remind participants of time constraints and move discussion along as needed.
  • You are welcome to edit your display name to reflect how you’d like to be addressed. Consider adding your pronouns, institution/affiliation, and name pronunciation.
  • While we encourage the use of video, please do what is comfortable and turn off video whenever you need to.

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SEISMIC Publications and Presentations

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