Talking about SEISMIC in your proposal

When writing a proposal and including information about SEISMIC, it is important to make sure that SEISMIC-specific content remains accurate to the overall mission, goals, and values of SEISMIC. 

In an effort to make the process easier, this page outlines the various ways to talk about SEISMIC in one’s proposal. 

Please note that this page contains simply boilerplate language for SEISMIC-based proposals. If you wish to include more information and would appreciate further feedback and review, please contact 

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Focusing on equity and inclusion as metrics of success, SEISMIC accelerates and enhances efforts to improve large foundational STEM courses across a collaboration of institutions enrolling more than 60,000 new students per year.


To propel higher education into the next generation of introductory STEM, SEISMIC will set a new national standard for assessing the quality of foundational STEM courses that promotes courses that are inclusive introductions to STEM disciplines and that embody equitable classroom practices.


Building equitable and inclusive campuses must begin with admitting that our universities and fields need to change. SEISMIC’s work is guided by the following values:


  1. Antiracism – We condemn white supremacy and call for public accountability, justice, and change to reform our undergraduate classes and institutions of higher education. We commit to taking action to promote antiracism in policy, representation, research, teaching, and mentorship on our campuses.
  2. Community Value – We affirm that all students enter our institutions and introductory courses with resources and funds of knowledge. We believe everyone in our institutions – students, staff, faculty – has valuable contributions to make to our work.
  3. Commitment to Collaboration – We commit to support, encourage, and enable the successes of our SEISMIC community through collaboration and professional development opportunities.

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