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Writing your first proposal? Get started with a writing outline that guides you through the entire process.  



Templates that outline:

  • Budgets, facilities, current and pending, collaborators and other affiliates. 



Learn how to talk about SEISMIC in your proposal. 


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Learn how to collaborate on a proposal with multiple institutions. 

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Helpful tips regarding grammar, style, tips for formatting, etc. 

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SEISMIC Central’s grant-writing playbook

SEISMIC Central met with each set of Working Group co-chairs in the Summer of 2021 to understand their goals for the year, barriers to success, and ideas for how SEISMIC Central could support their efforts. SEISMIC Central then reviewed the original SEISMIC proposal to determine what outstanding goals remain from the grant. 

One priority of SEISMIC Central was to consolidate information, resources, and advice to make grant-writing easier in SEISMIC. Thus, SEISMIC Central intends for this page to serve as an information hub for all things related to grant-writing. 

The categories listed to the left are 5 major themes that SEISMIC Central’s Grant-Writing Playbook will encompass. Please explore each theme and page according to your needed area of support. 


ideas here: 

thank contributors and references 

link to other resources that are nice 

progress bar for in-progress grants 

  • inspiring by saying what is happening in SEISMIC 

plug in for graphs — bar chart, proposals submitted this yr vs. last yr, progress bar, 


this could then become a place of record for all grants that have been submitted, gotten, have not gotten, 

this entire webpage should be password protected 

how much total grant money awarded 

  • can show it growing by year 

**make sure to  specify both seismic grants AND individual members within SEISMIC