2020 Summer Meeting

Same inspired colleagues. Same intense collaboration. New ~work-from-home~ location.

Click below for details on our different Summer Meeting parts!


2020 Summer Meeting Overview

What You Need to Know

  • 2020 Summer Meeting is completely virtual
  • There are three parts – Vision, Action, and Future – focusing on different opportunities and challenges in SEISMIC
  • Some sessions will be open to the public, others limited to SEISMIC members. See specific Parts pages for details
  • You must register to participate

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The Details

We were so looking forward to seeing you all in-person, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 we won’t be able to make that work for our 2020 Summer Meeting. Fortunately, there are actually several advantages to an online meeting.

  • Unlimited attendees
  • Sessions spaced out over several months
  • Opportunity to think, work, and discuss with colleagues between sessions
  • Collaborate from the comfort of your home!

In converting this meeting to an online format, we divided our activities into three main parts. Each part involves some “Pre-Work,” things like watching a short video presentation or reviewing project materials. Then, we will get together virtually for a 2-3 hour “Live Session,” involving a few topics for discussion. These will be followed by “Post-Work,” which involves a few people writing up more formally the plans and conversations from the Live Session. Please see our Parts-specific pages (linked above) for all the details!

A Request

Whether or not you are able to attend our Summer Meeting, we invite all of you to complete our pre-meeting survey about your experiences in SEISMIC, your ideas on equity and inclusion in STEM, and your thoughts on our Working Groups’ communication.

This survey will be extremely useful for structuring our conversations at the Summer Meeting and for us to build on our understandings of how we all approach and integrate equity and inclusion in STEM. If you are willing to contribute, we’d suggest setting aside about a half-hour to give yourself time to really think about these challenging topics of equity and inclusion. Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Pre-Meeting Survey