About The Institutions Page(s)

Welcome to our SEISMIC Institutions page! These pages are directed toward current SEISMIC participants, so they can stay updated on their institution’s SEISMIC activities. Coming soon, we will have institution-specific pages for each of our SEISMIC institutions. Our 10 SEISMIC Institutions are Arizona State University, Indiana University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of California Davis, University of California Irvine, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, and University of Pittsburgh.


Commitments of SEISMIC Institutions

When joining the SEISMIC Collaboration, each SEISMIC Institution committed to

  • Bringing together a local community of education researchers and practitioners motivated to explore and improve equity and inclusion in foundational STEM courses, led by an institutional PI and supported by an administrative patron.
  • Hosting 6 or more SEISMIC-related speakers on their campus each year, as part of our Speaker Exchange Program. 
  • Getting research access to student data so their institution can participate in our parallel data analysis. Note, we do not share institutional data across SEISMIC, we share code to run parallel analyses and then share results across SEISMIC.
  • Connecting their existing STEM reform efforts to the larger SEISMIC project. It is hoped that these connections will both support and enhance local reform projects.
  • Paying the travel costs for four local team members to attend our annual collaboration meetings.


Commitments to SEISMIC Institutions & Participants

SEISMIC commits to

  • Pay conference costs for four local team members from each SEISMIC Institution to attend the annual collaboration meetings (i.e. hotel, food)
  • Provide organizational support to Working Groups and Key Project teams and the collaboration overall to enable collaborative work.
  • Maintain Working Groups and Key Projects documentation so SEISMIC participants can be well informed on the collaboration’s goals, progress, and needs.
  • Send (at minimum) monthly newsletters to the collaboration

SEISMIC Speaker Exchange & Campus Events Timeline 


February 7

Becky Matz (MSU) “Patterns of Student Performance in Gateway STEM Course”

Host Institution: IU
January 24

Eben Witherspoon (PItt) “Localizing and Understanding Mechanisms of Gender Differences Within Pathways Towards and Away from Science Degrees”

Host Institution: UM
January 23

Cindy Finelli (UM) “Active learning in the classroom: Overcoming barriers and planning for action” https://provost.uci.edu/2020/01/16/uci-education-research-initiative-january-update/

Host Institution: UCI
December 6

Sehoya Cotner (UMN) “Envisioning more equitable Higher Education” https://sotl.ucdavis.edu/

Host Institution: UCD
December 4

Dan Hickey (Indiana) “Digital Alternatives to Developmental and Supplemental Instruction for Access and Equity in Foundational Undergraduate Courses”

Host Institution: Pitt
November 20

Andrew Hirsch (Purdue) “The Joys and Challenges in Changing to the Scale Up Paradigm”

Host Institution: UM