Local STEM Equity Learning Communities (SELCs) are participating in the SELC Project for just over a year in total. Throughout their time in the project, SELCs attend Inter-SELC Meetings, coordinate and participate in Local SELC Meetings, and work to complete their Action Plan Worksheet to present their findings to campus leadership. This page aims to summarize this experience, providing a timeline of events and tracking progress towards the completion of the Action Plan.




Inter-SELC Meeting

Local SELC Meeting


Month (est)



Action Plan Work

April 2023

Inter-SELC Meeting 1

  • Information on SELC Project and SEISMIC
  • Information on roles

May 2023

Inter-SELC Meeting 2: May Institute

Session 1: Community

  • Introductory presentation
  • Norms Activity
  • Local SELC meeting time

Session 2: Learning

  • Case Studies Workshop
  • Sessions by Role
  • Local SELC Meeting Time

Session 3: Equity Measures

  • Equity Measurements Presentation
  • Measures & Audience Activity
  • Local SELC Meeting Time

Session 4: Action Plans

  • Gallery Walk
  • Local SELC Meeting Time

Local SELCs learn about equity traps and student-deficit mindsets. This allows members to begin to understand the sources behind inequities in higher education and how they manifest.

September 2023

Reading: Equity Traps, Critical Approaches, Responsibilities of SELC Roles

Local SELC Meeting 1

  • Personal Artifact Activity
  • Discussion of Equity Traps

Local SELCs view their generated equity reports for the first time and begin to notice patterns present. Members are encouraged to ask questions about data and make connections.

October 2023

Reading: 7 Principles for Good Practice, Equity Reports

Discussion: Article discussion (by students & faculty), Equity Report first impressions

Local SELC Meeting 2

  • Review equity reports
  • Think-Pair-Share activity
  • Pre-reading reflection

Local SELCs gain experience identifying statements that fall into equity traps. Teams will also begin to analyze who is in the courses in their equity reports and what grades they have earned. They will also begin to offer explanations for inequities they notice.

November 2023

Reading: Equity Traps summary, Equity Reports, Inclusive Teaching Article

Inter-SELC Meeting 3

  • Reflect on local wins and initiatives
  • Discuss challenges/opportunities
  • Local SELC Panel

Local SELC Meeting 3

  • Rose, bud, and thorn warm-up
  • Sorting statements activity
  • Equity Reports Activity

December 2023

Reading: Science Faculty Conceptions of Equity, Center for Urban Education (CUE) Report

Discussion: 3-2-1 Reflection activity, identifying equity-minded competencies

Local SELC Meeting 4

  • Resistance and equity-minded statements activity
  • Equity Reports Activity
  • SELC Facilitators record issues, data, and considerations that members focus on

Local SELCs will continue to analyze equity reports. They will then select one or two issues they want to focus on, discussing how to talk about these issues with their peers and resistant colleagues.

January 2024

Reading: Preparing for Presentations, Equity Reports

Discussion: Identifying target audiences, selecting equity report arguments

Local SELC Meeting 5

  • Campus Presentation Expectations
  • Target Audience selections
  • Review facilitator contributions to the Action Plan Worksheet

Inter-SELC Meeting 4

  • Revisit challenges & opportunities discussed in Inter-SELC Meeting 3
  • Personal action plan
  • Local SELC Panel

Local SELCs will begin to develop their campus presentations, identifying their target audience(s) and arguments they wish to make based on their equity reports. They will also discuss equity-minded considerations.

February 2024

Reading: Campus Models of Success, CSP Example

Discussion: Discussion on what factors impact students outside the classroom

Local SELC Meeting 6

  • Student panel
  • Campus resources brainstorming
  • Begin the recommendations section of the Action Plan Worksheet

Local SELCs will begin to identify campus resources that are on their campuses and brainstorm how they can connect to their equity reports. They will also begin to develop their recommendations.

March 2024

Reading: CUE Report

Local SELC Meeting 7

  • Systemic barriers and SAI presentation
  • SELC experience reflection
  • Assign tasks related to campus presentations
  • Finalize recommendations

Local SELCs consider which presentation formats they will pursue and revise the recommendations they’ve created.

April 2024

Reading: Responding to Skepticism, Inclusive Teaching Article

Discussion: Anticipating resistance statements from campus presentations

Inter-SELC Meeting 5

  • Revisit challenges & opportunities discussed in Inter-SELC Meeting 4
  • Think-Pair-Share on lessons learned
  • Local SELC Panel

Local SELC Meeting 8

  • Finalize campus presentations
  • Addressing skepticism brainstorming
  • Decide on any additional materials to create

As The SELC Project draws to a close, local SELCs will finish their Action Plan Worksheet, finalizing their presentation plans and discussing how members will address skepticism. SELC Project Leadership will turn this worksheet into a finalized Action Plan. Action Plans will outline key issues, recommendations, and next steps.

May 2024


Local SELCs give their Campus Presentations and distribute their Action Plans as well as other materials they’ve prepared.

Additional Information

Local SELC Panels

Inter-SELC Meetings 3, 4, and 5 feature Local SELC Panels, where three local SELCs will share about their experiences and focus on specific topics.

Inter-SELC Meeting 3

  • Teams: Michigan State University, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Irvine
  • Topics: Local context for reform in STEM education, excitements, surprises

Inter-SELC Meeting 4

  • Teams: University of Michigan, University of California Davis, Purdue University
  • Topics: Local context for reform in STEM education, divergent approaches, discussion topics

Inter-SELC Meeting 5

  • Teams: University of Maryland, Indiana University, University of Pittsburgh
  • Topics: Local context for reform in STEM education, push0back, discussing equity, report changes


Other Forms of Resources

In addition to giving campus presentations and preparing Action Plans, local SELCs also have the option of creating a flyer, a brochure, or a poster, all of which have supplied templates.